Jemyma Educational Training Centre

Teaching Methodology

Our methodology of instruction for Open University is different from that of the conventional universities. The online education system is more learner-oriented and the learner is an active participant in the pedagogical (teaching & learning) process. The university follows a multiple media approach for instruction. It comprises:

Self instructional Study Material

To make Learning easier, effective and interesting, The University provides most of its courses in Self Instructional Material Format. The study material is specially designed by renowned authors with the Technology Enabled Learning methodology in mind. Each study material book contains a bibliography mentioning additional reference books and material that the students can go through to enhance their understanding. The study material is written in a manner that is suitable for Technology Enabled Learning and easy understanding of subject matter.

Audio Visual Material Aids

The learning package contains a CD-ROM allows the students to take advantage of eLearning benefits without need for an Internet connection. Learning Approach The online campus offers specialised programs that suit every individual, meet corporate needs and are structured into delivery modes based on the program modules requirements and specialisation.


The E-Campus delivery models is designed for today’s computer- savvy technically oriented adult Learners who need more control of the time and place for learning. The use of adaptive learning techniques contributes to the sound instructional design for career-oriented professionals who prefer indirect “Internet based Education” that is flexible and innovative.


The FlexiLearn delivery model is designed for lifelong Learners who prefer pacing their educational experience to their own time schedule. It is more convenient education using the traditional methods of distance learning and is especially designed for those Learners who prefer printed materials and training classes due to limited access to a computer and internet.

Technology Enabled Learning (TeL)

The Technology Enabled Learning is designed to help the flexible learning students study in a convenient computer based environment. The University is introducing the Technology Enabled Learning for all its students to provide a means for “self – paced, self- styled learning”. Through this new initiative The University has become a pioneer in the country to provide quality e-Learning content which is interactive, enhanced and makes the learning experience pleasurable. The Technology Enabled Learning sessions present scenarios, audio / video clips, case studies, quizzes and an online assignment at the end. Students can thus not only enhance their understanding of the subject matter but can also save on time and cost by submitting an online assignment through the Technology Enabled Learning session. Students will require log-in to The University website to go through the Technology Enabled Learning session.

The University will send a detailed instruction sheet on Technology Enabled Learning to each student upon enrolment. The learning experience become more in-depth, flexible, convenient, personalise and above all enjoyable. The Technology Enabled Learning is rich and valuable; quite often more convenient than classroom learning.

TeL methodology includes

» eTextbooks
» eLectures
» Seek Advice Online
» Virtual Library
» Discussion Forum
» Mock Tests


E-Mentoring support is available to all Open University students. E-Mentoring involves giving academic support necessary for Technology Enabled Learning learners. Through the E-Mentoring programme, students will be able to address their specific academic queries via e-mail to The University. These queries will be answered by our expert faculty and an in-depth reply will be sent to the students. This E-Mentoring support via e-mail will be available throughout the academic tenure of the each student.